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My life as a photographer started when I was in high school and then I flourished as an artist in grad school.  As an undergraduate, I studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and thereafter became a commercial photographer. After a few short years, I realized that my passion was to teach photography and not be a technician. Therefore, I began my teaching journey at the high school level and found many opportunities to inspire, teach, and empower students.  As a result, this inspiration was two-fold, I began to make images for myself once again and yearned for a passionate, inspirational, and artistic community. For this reason, I went to graduate school to study fine art. I have continued my journey of teaching in fine arts by inspiring young minds at the collegiate level.  

While some artist’s routinely use the same concept throughout a career, my concepts and ideals are created and influenced by my life’s circumstances and develop into short-term obsessions. My early work revolves around social reform, looking at infertility issues and adoption from a male perspective. 

For the past few years, my artwork has centered on art and photographic theory and how they are viewed in the educational process. I am again using my students as inspiration to make work that explains the questions and concerns that are put upon me. I look at how the image changes in society and what importance or lack of importance the digital era has placed on that image. Social media, web access and camera phones have completely redefined the photograph and photographer in ways that are still yet to be seen. 

Twenty-five years ago, I fell in love with the medium of photography and because of this love; my passion, creativity, technique and skills have advanced into the artist I am today. Now my artwork focuses on long-term projects in photography though the use of film, large format cameras, videos, and new media.