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Light Studies

My work in this series is made by removing the lens of the camera and using the raw sensor to record the type or color of light falling both onto and reflecting from the subject. It is widely understood that the color of light differs from source to source, but seldom noticed. The purpose of this series is to show the purity of light and color without the distraction of the objects that appear in the image. The raw sensor cannot focus on objects or see differences in the environment. The only thing it can do is capture the light as it falls and reflects within view of the camera.

The light studies series have been shown nation-wide in a variety of mediums. In many cases the images are printed on canvas to give a painterly feel to the image. The canvas lends itself nicely to the image because it creates a softer more natural feeling, similar to the way it appears in nature. I have also created installations that deal with this visual spectrum using cotton sheeting, silk and projected light.