I began this project after noticing an old Kodak Picture Spot sign in San Francisco. Since the 1920’s, Kodak has manipulated people into photographing from a specific vantage point in amusement parks and tourist locations around America. Similarly, artist Igor Vamos created a parody with his Suggested Photo Spots in 1998. These historical concepts have led me to develop a new series of images in a technological driven world. I create my own Picture Spots by placing a view camera at a major tourist attraction to see how many people would inevitably shoot from that vantage point.

My view camera is used as a prop to lure the participant and engage them in photographing that location. I then collect their images and return to the studio where I search social media and cloud storage websites to appropriate more images. Finally, I combine fifty to hundred photographs into a single image that represents a societal view of this place.

Picture Spots

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