Waiting Room

Every day I sat and watched as she went into the bathroom to pee on a stick, take another test, inject some more medication, or deal with the next unwanted menstrual cycle.  There was nothing I can do to help but watch and wait.  

From January 1st, 2008 until December 31st, 2008 I captured this moment of waiting.  Some days I was ignored while other days I was the target of the frustration this process put upon us. 

I started this work not knowing where it would lead me.  After about two months, I printed a series as 20”x30” on watercolor paper for a show.  I realized after looking at the work on the wall that it needed to become a calendar of our year.  The final product became three panels printed at 36”x72” on silk and hung as an installation piece along with all the sticks, pill bottles and needles that were used in this process.

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